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Shelter Finder


Shelter Finder is a web application that helps first responders find beds for people without housing in local shelters, and is hosted by FRC Team 1678 Citrus Circuits as an outreach project.

Shelters can enter and update information about themselves, such as their address, hours, and the total number of beds offered. Shelter staff can use the counter feature to update the number of occupied beds. Depending on its needs, a shelter may choose to use a combination of male, female, nonspecific, and family counters.

Updates to shelter information are immediately seen on the shelter map. First responders access the map by tapping the number of beds they need on the Find Beds page. Shelters that can accommodate them will be highlighted purple, and those that are full or closed will be gray.

While on the team, I helped code the feedback and updated counter features, improved site security, and fully redesigned the website UI to be more professional and accessible. As lead member during my Junior year, I also communicated with our partners to determine areas where the application can be improved and trained new members for both the programming and communication areas of the project.

Please free to visit the website and watch the demo video at

Technologies and Languages

Shelter Finder was built using Django, and uses the Google Maps API to display local shelters.

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