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Vet Anesthesia


Veterinary Sedations is an iOS application I built in collaboration with the Sacramento County Animal Shelter medical team to help them perform quick and reliable calculations for sedation protocols on stable dogs and cats in everyday clinical situations. It uses a set list of generic drugs, their concentrations, recommended dosage ranges, and routes to provide reliable results.

Veterinary Sedations has separate sections for canine and feline records because dosage formulas differ between species. When creating new records, users enter important information about the animal (such as name, weight, and gender) and assign one or two medications. The application doesn’t allow users to choose combinations of drugs that don’t work well together. When users press “calculate,” the application uses programmed formulas to calculate dosages and rates. Users may save these records into a list to view, update, or delete later.

Veterinary Sedations has many other features that provide veterinarians and technicians with a smooth experience. For example, every record list has a search bar that allows users to search for their patients by name or date added. The application also allows users to choose between kilograms or pounds when entering patient information, share their calculated results via text message for record-keeping purposes, and add patient images for easy identification.

Technologies and Languages

This application was developed with Swift, uses a storyboard UI, and stores patient data locally with Core Data.

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