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Veterinary CRI


Veterinary Anesthesia is an iOS application I built in collaboration with the Sacramento County Animal Shelter medical team to help them manage CRIs (constant rate infusions) for dogs and cats. CRI calculations, which are usually very time-consuming and complicated, become fast and easy to perform with this application!

Veterinary CRI is split into canine and feline sections since dosage formulas differ between the two species. Users can create a new record by entering information about an animal. However, instead of providing users with pre-programmed medications, Veterinary CRI gives them the freedom to create and assign their own manually. Then, users can share the calculated results via email and add an image for easy identification. They can also save records into a list to view, update, or delete later.

Technologies and Languages

This application was developed with Swift, uses a storyboard UI, and stores patient data locally with Core Data.

Mobile Screenshots