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Vet Anesthesia


Veterinary Anesthesia is an iOS application I built in collaboration with the Sacramento County Animal Shelter medical team to help them manage anesthesia protocols for dogs and cats.

First, users input medications using their own dosages and concentrations. Then, they assign them to anesthesia and emergency protocols (in simple terms, lists describing what anesthesia medications should be used during surgery and how much should be administered). This feature offers a great degree of flexibility, allowing countless combinations of drugs depending on the specific needs of veterinarians and technicians.

Before performing surgeries, users build anesthesia sheets using their previously created protocols, procedures, and injections. They enter information like animal species and weight, and the application will perform the necessary calculations! Calculated results may be shared via email for easy record keeping.

And finally, all used controlled substances can be easily balanced to meet DEA requirements using the controlled substance balance tool.

Technologies and Languages

This application was developed with Swift, uses a storyboard UI, and stores patient data locally with Core Data.

Mobile Screenshots