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For DeveloperWeek 2021, I worked with my friends Shuzheng (Tom) Zhang and Jake Roggenbuck to build Scry, a web application that allows users to quickly view important information about their server (such as open ports, logins, and storage).

Scry includes a local server and client application. The server gathers data about the monitored server, and the client presents that data in an appealing, easy-to-read format. The server runs commands in the background to collect system information and stores it in a MongoDB database. The client is a ReactJS application that displays stored data in the user’s web browser. I was responsible for creating the client while Jake built the backend, and Tom contributed to both.

Please visit our GitHub repository for the project here if you’re interested!

Technologies and Languages

The frontend was built using ReactJS while the backend was built using FastAPI (Python) and MongoDB.

Desktop Screenshots